At Elwood's Friend's we take the health and wellness of our companions very seriously and want nothing but the best for them. The reason we first started was to ensure that our closest friend' are taken care of and given the best life they possibly could be given. Our goal is to create a successful business so that we can dive deeper into customers ideas and inquiries about potential new products. We strive the make our furry friends have just as much fun as us by giving them convenience and practical products along with fun things to have that will make others envious of them (in a good way of course). wanting the best for our customers, we ensure to find a solutions that benefits the customer in the best ways possible for any problem that may occur. there is quite the market for pet supplies which is why we offer some of the best prices for high-quality products to show that we are here for their sake and not so much ours. Email us elwoodsfriends@gmail.com if you have any questions that need to be answered and we will get back to you as soon as possible so you can go back to cuddling your best friend.